Divine Diva Bali, established in 2002, stands as one of Bali's premier manufacturers — a family-owned company led by Juwita (Gem) Ariana, a design and retail expert from Sydney, Australia, with extensive experience in the fashion industry. When you choose Divine Diva Bali, you engage with a seasoned, English-speaking manufacturer boasting a global customer base.

Originating in an undiscovered area of Bali, Divine Diva Bali embraced the "plus size" market, acknowledging the challenge women face in finding fashionable garments.

We recognize the desire for stylish pieces that align with a creative lifestyle, offering soft and sensual fabrics such as silk, voile, cotton, linen, cotton crinkle, poly prints, and stretch fabrics. These materials are customizable through screen printing and coloring, allowing you to create a personalized image from size XS to 7XL.

At Divine Diva Bali—Your size is our size, ensuring everyone can enjoy our creations.