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Wholesale Order

Here are the most frequently asked manufacturing and wholesale questions that we receive. Please read through all of them and then when you are ready click the contact us button so that we can arrange to give you some personal attention as regards to manufacturing your beach and resort wear clothing needs.

If your requirements are for ready wholesale beach wear stock then contact us for our currently available stock list and photos.  Our wholesale ready stock is in continual turnover so make sure to stay in touch with us and request our latest stock lists

Question: Do you carry pick up stock?

Answer: Yes- some item are ready made stock lines

Question: Can you send a picture of this stock?

Answer: Yes- it’s on the website page heading is-Stock Specials or Ready  Stock

Question: How are your sizes graded?

Answer: Usually to Australian size Plus our sizes are generous. See our size table-grading page.

Question: Will you make my size requirement?

Answer: Yes in a production order we can make any size

Question: Can I use your designs?

Answer: Yes-Also adapt from our styles or supply your own samples.

Question: What material are available

Answer: Cotton, Rayon, Silk, Linen, Spandex, Jersey, Knits, Prints lace, Sequins, Embroidery complete fabric range and complimentary.

Question: Can I come to your office/factory at any time?

Answer: No-it’s always better by appointment.

Question: Can I use my material?

Answer: No-all material are available

Question: What is your minimum qty?

Answer: Minimum qty order is 500 pieces. 50 pieces per styles.  Minimum of 10 style.

Question: I have my own material I would like a favorite dress made?

Answer: Sorry-we are a production garment company-we are not tailors

Question: Can I send my patterns for you to follow?

Answer: No-we have our own pattern maker

Question: How will I know it fits?

Answer: We make a sample and you try it on-we will do any adjustment.

Question: Can I have the samples?

Answer: No-we make for the fitting only- but you can take back your own samples

Question: Can I send you a picture to make a garment from?

Answer: No- for 1st time make an appointment

Question: Can you make any color?

Answer: Yes, we dye to your choice within 10% of the color.

Question: Do you make screen prints?

Answer: Yes, we do.

Question: What time do you open?

Answer: 8 am – 5 pm our office is located in our Factory Shop for easy to find purposes.

Question: How do I pay you?

Answer: You can pay By Bank transfer of Paypal. If you are in Bali you can pay by credit card or cash.